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May 22nd Worship Program

Good Morning!

Interruptions continue to be frustrating.

Back when our kids would wake us up at night with tummy aches, bad dreams, or with scary noises, all I wanted was to get back to sleep. Oh how I miss those days.

Now here I am many years later and when it’s my turn. I had all sorts of plans, but COVID entered the picture and everything changed. Yet all I could think about was what I had planned.

In today’s text from Luke 8 we find Jesus leaning into the interruptions of life rather than wishing for something else. Jesus teaches us that they are actually opportunities to love people in their time of need.

In case you weren’t aware, this is just one of three churches that make up the Rock Hall United Methodist Charge. We share one mission, to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of Rock Hall and the world.

We long to see our entire community transformed by the power of God. This is why we share and show God’s love by serving our neighbors and telling the story of how God transformed our lives.

If you have any questions about our church or want to discuss your faith journey, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. My email is and my office telephone is 410-639-2144.

Thank you again for joining us.

Pastor Gary

Order of Worship

Welcome Songs for Worship Prayers of Adoration and Confession

Prayers of the People Message

Pastor Gary Priddy Luke #22: Healing of Two Daughters Luke 8:40-56

Next Steps

Practical ways you can take a “next step” in your faith journey.

Prayer of Thanksgiving Benediction

Life is much more than an accident. Wherever I go, I believe God needs me there. Wherever I am, I trust God has put me there. He has a purpose for me being there - Christ, alive in me, wants to do something through me, no matter where I am. I believe this and go in His grace and His love and His power. Amen.

Songs for Worship

Raum Chapel

370 Victory In Jesus

396 O Jesus I Have Promised

158 Come Christians Join To Sing

Wesley Chapel

2226 Bind Us Together

145 Morning has Broken

536 Precious Name

Rock Hall Church

Heart of Worship

Same Power

Goodness of God

Message Notes

Luke #22: Healing of Two Daughters

A Faithful Reminder:

Faith is more than ______________________.

Faith is more than ______________________.

Faith is an action, ______________________.

Faith is the key to ______________________.

True Healing:

Luke 8:40-56, John 4:1-42, 1 John 1:9, Romans 8:1-2, 8:31-39

We can't be truly accepted unless we can be fully known.

Keeping our past in perspective:

It is ______________________.

It will be used ______________________.

It can rob us of ______________________.

It can be God’s ______________________.

This week’s YouVersion Bible Devotional:

As we look through the various spiritual gifts listed in scripture, one gift that stands out but is not really discussed is the gift of Healing. Jesus sent out His disciples with the instructions “to heal.” It is clear that Healing was a part of their ministry. But what does that mean for us today?

Join us in reading together using the YouVersion Bible App, HERE.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Do you know a SINGLE PARENT or a SENIOR in our community who could use some help around the house with some minor repairs? Let us know, We’d love to help!

Let’s connect Are you new to us? We would love to connect with you. Just go to

Meet with Pastor Gary Do you have a question or issue you need to discuss? Pastor Gary is available for pastoral counseling with individuals and couples To schedule, just Click “Meet with Pastor Gary” on our website

Wesley Cemetary Memorial Service May 29th @6pm there will be a memorial service held at Wesley Chapel.

Prayer Request Policy Change In order to maintain a more current prayer list, we provide a copy of this past week’s prayer requests. Submit prayer requests using the prayer request cards in the pews or the digital prayer request form on our website: Please make sure you have permission to share other’s information.

Current Prayer Requests

  • Our children and youth ministries

  • Caregivers and first responders

  • People of Ukraine

  • Our nation’s leaders

  • Healing of our nation

  • Israel and the Middle East

  • People battling addictions

  • Single parents and their kids

  • Pastor Gary & Family

  • Joe & Cheryl Holliday

  • Joan Melvin

  • Eddie & Rosalie Kuechler

  • Karen Weller

  • Ann Leary

  • Mariann Dulin

  • Carole Coleman

  • Donnie Dierker

  • Bobby Osborn, Jr.

  • Michael Geibel

  • Johnny Mullikin

  • Rick Reedy

  • Pat Hastings

  • Family of Ethel Toulson

  • Nancy Spitz

Active Military & their families including:

  • Trevion Hopkins

  • Kyle Schauber

  • Brock Willey

  • Kelly Bertelsen

  • Steve McCarthy

  • Tristan Hague

  • Dakota Collison

  • Geoffrey Andersen

  • John Pettit

  • Makenzie Williams

  • Dante Spagnolo

  • Ben Coppage

  • Jonathan Conner


  • Phyllis Dierker

  • Edna Cox

This week's prayer focus:

Join us as a church in focused and specific prayer for our church, our community, and our world. Be prepared to see God do great things as we collectively turn to Him in prayer

  • Sunday - Our Mission: God, grant boldness and opportunities for us to share the Gospel with others. Ephesians 6:19

  • Monday - Our Church: God, help us be financially responsible and good stewards of the blessings You’ve provided. Malachi 3:10

  • Tuesday - Our Leadership: God, allow nothing to hinder our ministers and volunteers from Your calling on their lives. Nehemiah 6:3

  • Wednesday - Families: God, help us recognize the importance of first making disciples of Christ in our homes. Proverbs 22:6

  • Thursday - Our Community: God, we ask for your healing of the broken structures and systems in our community. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  • Friday - Children/Youth: God, help our young people humbly submit to and honor those in authority over them. Ephesians 6:1-3

  • Saturday - Adults: God, cause our adults to humble themselves and seek Your face. 2 Chronicles 7:14

This week’s events:


12:30 - Membership Class #4


5:30 - Tent raising @RHUMC

6:00 - Women’s Small Group @Wesley Chapel

6:30 - Women’s Small Group @The Priddy’s

7:00 - Men’s small group @Charge Office


7:00 - Small Group @Rock Hall Church fellowship hall


4:00 - Rock Solid After School

5:00 - Rock Solid Kids @Teen Center

6:00 - Family Dinner @RH Church fellowship hall

6:30 - Youth Group @Teen Center


6:30 - Chancel Choir Practice @WCUMC

7:00 - Praise Team Practice @RHUMC


10:00am Community Memorial Day Worship & Picnic @Civic Center

6:00pm - Wesley Chapel Cemetery Memorial Service


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