Beginning May 24th, we will be gathering online and in-person for worship.

Our in-person worship services begin at 9:00 am on Sunday under the tent at Wesley Chapel, 6065 Rock Hall Road.  Our online online worship experiences begin at 830 and 10 am through our Worship Livestream as well as through our Worship Line (443) 252 - 2878



During this era of quarantine, our volunteers are prepared to share hope with our neighbors.

If you, or someone you know is under a directed quarantine, please let us know.

We want to send them a practical reminder that they are not alone!

Just register for a Box of Hope and we will follow up!





Changes in Ministry

Coronavirus has brought about many changes in the format of our ministry.  This is the place to check for updates and changes.




We are a partnership of Methodist churches that date all the way back to 1820’s – that’s 200 years of ministry right here in Rock Hall.  So when we say, we are YOUR Rock Hall church, that’s what we mean.  We go back since the beginning, and we are proud to be a part of the fabric of our community.

We are three churches, and yes we each do things a bit different, but we share what is most important, our WHY.   JESUS is our “Why”.  “What” each congregation does then can be a little different, but we never forget we are after the same thing; the glory of GOD.


In our community, most of our roads end in dead ends.  What’s great about this is that if you drive to the end of the road and haven’t found what you are looking for, you turn around and go back.  It’s almost impossible to get lost around here.

We are working to do anything we can to keep people from living spiritually lost.  We don’t want anyone to miss God’s offer of a relationship that leads to eternal life.

We have a vision to see our entire community radically changed by Jesus. 


Dr. Desmond Henry

“Like the early church, we are called to be a blessing to those around us and to be mindful of the way we serve others in our culture; we are to serve in such a way that even unbelievers are thankful for our presence in the community.”



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