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Merger Prayer Vigil - Day 19 Round 2

Week 3: Making New Disciples

The “Great Commission,” as it is called, sends Jesus’ disciples out into the world to make new disciples. We are to go into all the world, presenting the Good News message and inviting others to become disciples. A disciple is one who follows the teacher, learning from the teacher, and doing what the teacher instructs.

19. Pray that God would bring people from all directions.

“And people will come from all over the world—from east and west, north and south—to take their places in the Kingdom of God.” Luke 13:29

God desires that all people experience God’s love and grace. The church should reach a more people, more younger people, and more diverse people.

  • Pray that the hearts of people in all directions from your church would be softened and open to the grace of God.

  • Pray that the church will be open to the needs of the people in all directions.

  • Pray that ministries and programs will be created to reach people in all directions.


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