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Disciples Made

It's good to take a look at yourself from time to time; even as an organization.   In 2017, we did that as a church and a couple of things became clear to us.

Some might say we were off track, others might say we were stuck, or you might say, we are normal.

We love Jesus.  We love our church.  We love our town.  We had simply begun to get the cart ahead of the horse as they say.  We had gotten focused on doing stuff churches do and gotten away from BEING and MAKING disciples.

It happens slowly and naturally over a long period of time.  We love each other, so we begin to focus on one another and over time we become preoccupied with serving each other rather than serving the mission God has put us here to pursue, being disciples who make disciples.

So we are launching some specific small groups to help folks who feel the itch to do something different.

These two new groups...FOLLOWERS MADE AND LEADERS MADE are designed to help us develop the character of Jesus in our lives as well as the call of God on our lives.

We use a small group and triad format for these groups as places to learn and grow; much like what John Wesley did when he arranged believers in Bands and Societies many years ago in order for them to grow in to Disciples.

Developing the Calling and Character of Jesus is crucial for us to become the church God needs us to be in Rock Hall.

Followers Made is a 6 month small group reading and discussing 3 books and portions of the New Testament.

Leaders Made is a year long small group reading and discussing 5 books and portions of the Old and New Testament.

Interested?  Challenged?  Good, just complete the form below and we will follow up, or contact the charge office: 410.639.2144


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