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Planning for Reopening our Sanctuaries

On Sunday August 23rd, we gathered the leaders from each of our churches to discuss and make plans for reopening our sanctuaries for worship.

In May, we set up a tent behind Wesley Chapel as a temporary solution to the Covid-19 restrictions on indoor gatherings. We had hoped that by the end of the summer, we would have seen a resolution to the need for these restrictions, but as we are all aware, we're not there yet. But the weather is beginning to change and we need to begin making alternate plans.

After some conversation of our situation, the results from our survey, and the experience of many other churches upon reopening, we decided that we would continue under the tent through September and have a plan for moving forward in October.

Come October, each church will decide to continue outdoors, to move indoors, or to join with a sister church. We recognize that many are looking forward to returning to 'normal', while at the same time there are many of our church family who's health restricts their ability to gather indoors without better treatments or a vaccine.

As it stands, the current guidelines: restrict of group size to 1 person per 36sqft (6 feet of separation), require regular cleaning of all surface areas, cleaning restrooms after use, and the wearing of masks.

You can read the latest set of guidelines from our Governor here.

Download PDF • 7.42MB

I am asking our Trustees to develop plans that are inclusive of our ministry for both children and adults.


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