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Merger Prayer Vigil - Day 14 Round 2

Week 2: Working through Difficulties

Whenever people come together for a shared purpose, they should acknowledge potential difficulties. Each person has ways of communicating, expectations, or baggage from the past. These might be traditions, or unspoken ways of handling problems. They might be differing communication methods, or past hurts that people have buried. What are the difficulties that might be facing the new church?

14. Pray for a healthy grief process.

“God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

Matt 5:4

Grief is a natural part of the merging process. People grieve the loss or closing of “their” church. They grieve the loss of friendships as some people move on and do not join the merger. Some grieve the loss of the building or the new changes that are happening.

  • Pray for people who are grieving the loss of their church.

  • Pray that people will express their grief openly and in healthy ways.

  • Pray that people will accept the changes and embrace the new opportunities this new ministry will bring.


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