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March 21st Worship Program

Thank you for joining us for worship this week.

Today, we continue our message series - THE BLESSING. We are looking at the early fathers of our faith as we study Genesis 24-34. This week, as we study Genesis 30, we will see how God's will leads him to respond to envy, jealousy, greed, and pride.

I pray that your participation in today's worship helps you move closer to Jesus and reveals more of his plan for your life.

Worship Schedule:

8:30 am

Live @Raum Chapel

9:30 am

Live @Wesley Chapel

Live on our Worship Line: (443) 252-2878

11:00 am

Live @Rock Hall Church



This week's announcements

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Today's Order of Worship


Morning Prayer

Opening Songs

Stewardship Moment

Pastoral Prayer


Closing Worship


Songs for worship:


2041 “Thou Art Worthy”

292 "What Wondrous Love Is This?”

327 “Crown Him with Many Crowns”

337 “Only Trust Him”


Reckless Love

Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)

How Deep the Fathers Love for Us


Message Notes

Genesis #27: The Blessing - Overcoming Envy and Bitterness

The Problem of Envy

"Envy is the daughter of pride, the author of murder and revenge…the perpetual tormenter of virtue. Envy is the filthy slime of the soul; a venom, a poison, which consumeth the flesh and drieth up the bones." Socrates

The Problem of Bitterness

Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. - Maya Angelou

Becoming an Overcomer


Take It Home

  • We learn how Rachel and Leah wrestle over their value in what the other person had. Leah wanted the love Rachel had from Jacob and Rachel wanted to have kids like Leah, specifically sons. Why would someone in the ancient world find their identity in their ability to have children or in their spouse’s approval of them? How does this look in the modern world today?

  • Why is important that Rachel’s superstitious attempt with the mandrake roots failed?

  • Jacob doesn't seem ready to be changed by God just yet. In fact, scripture teaches that transformation isn't all up to us, but we work in partnership with God. Read the following verses to get an idea how we are to cooperate with God's work of transforming our life:

    • Ephesians 4:22-25

    • Galatians 5:16-23

    • Philippians 2:12-13

    • What would it matter if we focus only on our part? God's part?

  • This week we discussed how we can often fall into the trap of having “half a life”, meaning that we have certain blessings from God but there are things that we feel like we’re missing out on. Often we look to others who have these things. Why is this a spiritually dangerous place to be?

  • Instead of comparing and competing with people, what should followers of Jesus seek to do instead? Look to places like Matthew 5:43-48, 7:12, Romans 13:8-10 and Philippians 2:3-4.


This week's prayer focus:

  • Sunday - Our Mission: God, grant boldness and opportunities for us to share the Gospel with others. Ephesians 6:19

  • Monday - Our Church: God, help us be financially responsible and good stewards of the blessings You’ve provided. Malachi 3:10

  • Tuesday - Our Leadership: God, allow nothing to hinder our ministers and volunteers from Your calling on their lives. Nehemiah 6:3

  • Wednesday - Families: God, help us recognize the importance of first making disciples of Christ in our homes. Proverbs 22:6

  • Thursday - Our Community: God, we ask for your healing of the broken structures and systems in our community. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  • Friday - Children/Youth: God, help our young people humbly submit to and honor those in authority over them. Ephesians 6:1-3

  • Saturday - Adults: God cause our adults to humble themselves and seek Your face. 2 Chronicles 7:14

This weeks merger prayer focus: Change and Transition

  1. Pray for our merger team to communicate clearly with people who have sincere questions. 1 Peter 1:22

  2. Pray for those who fear what might be lost, to find peace through growing faith in Christ. Psalm 34:8

  3. Pray for excitement as we begin to consider new opportunities for ministry. Acts 8:5-8

  4. Pray that our membership becomes bound to our mission rather than our buildings. Matthew 28:19-20

  5. Pray for the process of discerning what spaces our ministries require. Phil 1:9-10

  6. Pray for an eagerness in our churches come together as one. Colossians 3:14


Bible Reading Plan:

Join us for our 5x5x5 New Testament Reading Plan. 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week, & 5 questions to go deeper.


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