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Followers Made

We weren't always followers.   At one time we were just wandering around trying to figure things out.  But at some point, God cut through the noise in our lives and captured our attention and then our heart.  Now we want to get close and be in his presence, captivated much like the Mary in the Gospels at the teachers feet.

"Following Jesus is really holy people."  "It's going to take a lifetime."  "I couldn't do that."  At least that's what we convince ourselves of when it comes to growing as a disciple.

In reality, yes it's a big deal, but the way of Jesus is much more organic than we can imagine.  It's really a matter of learning to live in rhythm with Jesus.  Sound simple right?  It is.  But it's not so easy.

Because it's not so easy, everyone follower of Jesus needs a little help.  This isn't a suprise either because Christianity itself is a team sport; Christians don't exist in isolation.

Followers look to thrive in Jesus, so we are going back to our roots.  Our Methodist roots were set in studying Scripture, small groups, and accountable relationships.  These are the core parts of our Making Followers groups that are launching in the Spring of 2018.


Followers Made is a six month small group learning community based around small group discussions and smaller group accountability, designed by Pastor Brian Phipps of Westside Family Church in Lenexa, KS.  It's the perfect place to develop the character of God IN our lives and discover the call of God ON our lives.  During these weekly meetings, Making Followers will discuss the week's scripture readings as well as some from other books; but the discussion will have a clear purpose, to develop the Character and Calling of Jesus.

If you want to become a follower of Jesus, this is the place to begin!

Here are the books we will be reading:

Prodigal God


Pursuit of Holiness

Sign up and jump in.


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