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February 13th Worship Program

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Message Text

We think of Jesus's call on our lives as reserved for a unique few, but scripture is clear that all are called to a life of following Jesus. Discerning His call is one of the most important foundations we can build into our lives. Join us today as we discover how to "hook on" with Jesus.

If you have any prayer requests or questions, please us the link in this worship program or the pew cards available in the seat backs in front of you.

8:30 am

Live @Raum Chapel UMC

9:30 am

Live @Wesley Chapel UMC

11:00 am

Live @Rock Hall Church


This week's announcements:


Today's Order of Worship


Morning Prayer

Opening Songs

Pastoral Prayer


Closing Worship


Songs for Worship


My Life Is In You

How Great Thou Art

God of Love and God of Power


King of Kings

Same Power

Broken Vessels


Sermon Notes:

Luke #9: Call and Response

Luke 5:1-11

Hooking On


At first glance it appears that Jesus had ______ ______

Matthew 4:18–20

Great ________ is Never Blind __________

​Isaiah 53:2

​John 1:35–42

​Luke 4:38–44

​Luke 5:1–11

Discerning God’s call

Expect it to be clear

​Psalm 119:105

2 Timothy 3:16–17

Expect it to be connected

Proverbs 4:18

Expect it to be reasonable

Matthew 11:28–30

Expect it to be wise

Psalm 111:10

When God’s will is clear – but you aren’t sure – ___________________.

Luke 5:5 ​

Proverbs 3:5–6

If you want to live in God’s will for tomorrow, follow His _________ for ___________


This week's prayer focus:

Sunday - Our Mission: God, let Your church be a light in our community and world. Matthew 5:16

Monday - Our Church: God, bring unity to the Body of Christ. John 17:20-23

Tuesday - Our Leadership: God, help our worship leaders and musicians lead us before Your throne in a spirit of worship. Psalm 33:3

Wednesday - Families: God, help our families faithfully follow Your commands. John 14:15

Thursday - Our Community: God, soften the hearts of the lost in our community, show them your light. John 3:16-18

Friday - Children/Youth: God, change the world through our young people rather than letting the world change them. Romans 12:2

Saturday - Adults: God, enable our adults to live lives of faithfulness to You and perseverance to the end. Hebrews 12:1-3


This week's reading plan:

As Christians, we can often wonder what our calling is and how to find it. But our calling in Christ isn’t as complicated as we make it. In this 7-day Bible Plan from Amy Groeschel, we’ll learn what our calling is, and how we can live lives worthy of the incredible calling we have received.

Join Pastor Gary and others as we read and reflect on God's word together.

CLICK HERE to join in.


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