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4 Simple Ways to Invite Someone to Church.

1. Share about your church on social media. If you're looking to spread the word about how much you love Your Rock Hall Church, share any of the content from our social media channels.

2. Send a Text Inviting someone to church doesn't have to be complicated, just send a text. Copy one of these examples, fill in the blanks, and invite a friend to Your Rock Hall Church. Sample Texts:

  1. "Hey, are you going to church anywhere right now? I thought you could join me at Your Rock Hall Church's _______ location this week." (Or, "We could watch online together at my house this week.")

  2. "Hey, would you be up for going to church with me this week? I go to Your Rock Hall Church @ _____ , the service starts at _____."

  3. "Hey, my church has some great content on the topic we were talking about this afternoon. Here's a link [link to video/blogpost/podcast]."

  4. "Hey, my kids love Rock Solid kids on Wednesdays. I was thinking you and [their child's name] could join us this week. The kids love it and dinner is provided for the whole family. Let me know if you're up for it!"

  5. "[Your teenager's name] love going to Rock Solid on Weds. nights. I thought maybe [teen's name] would like to go with us this week. I can pick [him/her] up if you want! Here's a link to their Instagram so you can get a feel for what it's like."

3. Start a Conversation Resist the urge to correct, belittle church-hurt, or defend your beliefs. Instead, listen for meaning, seek to understand, validate them, care for what people have been through, and have an open/respectful conversation about each other's beliefs. Conversation Starters:

  • Did you grow up going to church with anyone? (Explore the topic)

  • Do you go to church now? Where at? Or why not? (Explore the topic)

  • Have you ever thought about going again? (Explore the topic)

With each question, remember, this is a conversation, not a sales pitch for church. The most important thing is getting to know this person and caring for them.

4. Engage Your Community When we start a conversation, care for, embrace, and reach out to our neighbors, the waitress, the check-out clerk, our kids' teachers, and our coworkers we open the door for friendship and spreading the Gospel. Examples of Engaging Your Community:

  • Pray for your neighbors every day as you pass their homes on the way to and from work.

  • Take every opportunity to show care (mow lawns, shovel snow, rake leaves, bring cookies, write notes).

  • Ask questions: Resist the urge to make every conversation about you. Ask about their lives first.

When you start engaging the people around you, you'll have more opportunities to share the life and stories of Jesus.

adapted from an article from Church on the Move


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