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#7 Bringing it all together

Our merger team met again after church on Sunday. Rev Davis, our District Superintendent met with the team briefly in order to pray for the team and our work. He asked about any questions we had and shared that he had been keeping up with the updates on the website.

We continued the work of clarifying our Vision frame as explained in Will Mancini's book GOD DREAMS. (an overview is linked here)

Download PDF • 1.08MB

We began our work with a discussion of the values that we had previously identified. We went through the values one at a time looking to clarify what we meant by each of these. Our homework is to clarify these individually and bring it back when we meet again. We will name the value and define what we mean by it. Then in order to clarify how it is valued by us, we will provide "as witnessed by ___" statements for each value along with scriptural support for each one. We will share this work when we have reached a level of clarity that we feel will be helpful.

Then we began to discuss the marks of maturity we identified in our last meeting and how we might measure each of these in our ministry. The thinking is that if these are the qualities we long to see in people's lives as they are transformed, then we should discern how they might be measured so we might determine the effectiveness of our ministry. We will continue this work.

We then began to talk about how we understand our mission as a church. We had decided on two "templates":

  • Targeted Transformation - Our vision is to identify a specific place (the wider Rock Hall Community) we want to see changed dramatically by the gospel.

  • Presence Manifestation - Our vision is to welcome and experience God’s presence anticipating ripple effects far beyond the life of our congregation.

We are seeking to combine both of these ideas in one clear succinct statement that captures and communicates our calling as a church.

We concluded our meeting with a brain storming session of seeking to identify a name for this unified ministry. We recognize there is a need to identify it in a real way and deciding on a name is vital to that process. We will be providing the church with a slate of ideas and ask your opinions in the coming weeks.

We closed in prayer at 12:15.

We are scheduled to meet every two weeks immediately after church, next will be August 9th.

Present yesterday were: Debbie N., Debbie B., Maryetta R., Carol K., Glenda D., Andy G., Dave K., Artie K., Elizabeth G. & Pastor Gary


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