The Power of Relationships

The Christian life is one of learning to live in relationships.  In relationship with God, enabled by Jesus, empowered by Holy Spirit, in a community of believers, for the world.  All these relationships bring their own joys and difficulties.  It should come as no surprise that learning about our role in them happens best in community as well.

We have groups all around Rock Hall for men, women, and students meeting all during the week in different places at different times.  If you desire to grow, these are an ideal place to begin.

What’s the difference between a small group and a bible study?  Small groups are more focused on Christian fellowship; learning to live out our faith as we go along.  Typically, Bible Studies are more content related; focused on studying a book or a subject.  Bible studies are places of relationship as well, but it isn’t as intentionally a part of the gathering as a Small Group.  They are both important, so yes we offer them both.

We will have a big push for small groups every fall and spring while in the summer we focus our groups on informal gatherings.  Our groups are always open to have new folks join in at any time.

So, I’ll close with a question, what are you waiting for?

Just fill out the contact form below and we will follow up with some information about how to get connected in a group.

The Life of a Disciple

Connecting with Jesus and others:

  • Lunch with Pastor
  • Attend worship services
  • Respond to visitor Follow-up
  • Checkout a small group
  • Ask follow-up questions
  • Take notes in worship
  • Volunteer to serve as a greeter
  • Take part in a church event or ministry.
  • Share your visit on social media
  • “follow” us

Building a foundation

  • Take a Membership Class
  • Commit to a small group
  • Regularly attend worship services
  • Complete the Starting Point Series.
  • Work through the Digging Deeper weekly
  • Commit to daily bible reading and prayer
  • Regularly give financially the church
  • Participate in a Volunteer in Missions Team
  • Serve with a local church ministry
  • Write out “Your Story”
  • Memorize one scripture passage a week

Developing the heart of Jesus

  • Lead a small group
  • Mentor a new member
  • Participate in the Walk to Emmaus
  • Complete Disciple Bible Study
  • Practice spiritual disciplines
  • Lead or co-lead a mission team
  • Participate in a visitation or prayer ministry
  • Take a Lay Servant class
  • Share “Your Story” in your small group
  • Bring someone to church
  • Find opportunities for spiritual conversations

Living Life on mission

  • Lead a community outreach ministry or core area of the church
  • Teach a bible study or class
  • Teach others to make disciples