Exodus: Rest and Independence

Speaker: | July 02, 2018

Posted by Rock Hall United Methodist Charge on Sunday, July 1, 2018 Exodus: Rest and Independence Sabbath; Work; Obedience; Law; Grace at Meals; Means of Grace; Dependence Exodus 30:11–31:18 The Sabbath is our DECLARATION OF...


Exodus: Gifting and Calling

Speaker: | June 18, 2018

Sermon Notes Exodus: Gifting and Calling Exodus 25:1–10 God gifts and God calls. All have been gifted, all are called, but what holds us back from offering? Yesterday, Michelle asked me what I wanted to...

Exodus: The Story Changes

Speaker: | May 28, 2018

Exodus 18–19 Sermon Study Guide DISCUSSION QUESTIONS OPEN Have a few group members take turns reading Exodus 18-19 aloud. Think of a time when you have felt close to burnout. What were the circumstances in...

Exodus: Trust

Exodus: Trust

Speaker: | March 19, 2018

  Study Guide WEEK 12 // SIGNS AND WONDERS   OPEN Have a group member read Exodus 7:1-13 aloud. Why are magic tricks or supernatural occurrences so appealing to people?   REFLECT In verse 1,...