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The UMC Separation Protocol and You

Here you will find a continuously updated list of articles which I have found informative as our denomination is wrestling with how to peacefully separate along theological and ideological lines while remaining faithful to our calling to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Read entire "The Separation Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation" Document

Thoughtfully written articles and videos:

"The Un-Tying of The United Methodist Church" by Ted A. Campbell, UMC pastor and writer - 6/29/2021

"For decades now the joke has gone around about unintentionally typing “The Untied Methodist Church” in place of “The United Methodist Church.” Spell checkers didn’t notice “Untied,” and most United Methodists didn’t notice just how untied they had become until the early 2000s."


VIDEO: "What Does the Bible Say About Homosexuality?" - Published 2/3/2018

A balanced and respectful conversation between Professor Sean McDowell and Author Matthew Vines about the Bible and homosexuality. They discuss the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 7 and Matthew 19 as well as the creation account in Genesis. They each present 20 minutes, interact for 40 minutes, take live Q&A, and then have 3 minute closing speeches.


"Two Methodisms: A Comparison Chart" by Chris Ritter UMC Pastor and Blogger

"The Separation Protocol agreement announced in January 2020 creates options United Methodists will want to carefully consider.... Here is a simple chart that compares the two primary branches that will flow from approval of the Separation Protocol." READ MORE


"Support for UMC Protocol Continues across Geographic, Theological Divides" by John Lomperis, UMC writer and blogger - 5/7/2021

"In early 2020, the “Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation,” a professionally negotiated peace-treaty proposal to divide the United Methodist Church, was released with great fanfare. Support for this UMC “Protocol” soon poured in from all major segments of our denomination." READ MORE


VIDEO: "Just Announced: The Global Methodist Church" video presentation by Ready to Harvest - 3/8/2021

Reviewing what got us here and the traditionalists plan to move forward in the new Global Methodist Church. WATCH HERE


"An Open Letter to Adam Hamilton and Other Centrists: Where Lie the Boundaries?" by Stephen Rankin, UMC writer and blogger 3/25/2021

"When I wrote, recently, about my conviction that the current United Methodist Church needs to divide, I don’t think I made sufficiently clear that I recognize this admission as a sign of failure. Sometimes, the most sincere and committed people cannot find a way out of their disagreements. I’m convinced that we’ve come to such a point." READ MORE


We Need the Global Methodist Church" by Dr. Riley Case, UMC Pastor and writer - 3/29/2021

"Three conversations with my grandma of 100 years ago (the last three Happenings articles) have given some added perspective and impetus for the importance of approving “the Protocol,” or some form of amicable separation, if there is to be any future for Methodism in America." READ MORE


"A CHURCH IN SCHISM: An African Perspective on the Theological Impasse in The UMC" by Rev. Forbes Matonga, Pastor in the Zimbabwe West Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church and the Secretary of the denomination’s Africa Central Conference. - 02/18/2020

"The theological impasse and the pending schism of The United Methodist Church has many implications for the future of The United Methodist Church both globally and indeed in Africa." READ MORE Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3


"If I Was Thinking of Joining a New Methodist Denomination…." by retired UMC Pastor and writer Jack Harnish - 02/07/2021

...Here are a few questions I would ask before joining a break-away denomination. I’m thinking primarily of the Wesley Covenant Association but this could also apply to the... READ MORE


"It’s Not About Jesus" A perspective from Rev. Dr. William O. (Bud) Reeves, Senior Pastor at First United Methodist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas. 4/16/2020

"I have been following the United Methodist discussions about human sexuality since I was in high school and the first discriminatory language was put into the Book of Discipline in 1972. For about forty of those years I was solidly in the traditionalist or conservative camp. I only began to change when I started to study and question the biblical interpretation on which the traditional view of homosexuality was founded." READ MORE


"The Traditional Pastor of the Counter-Cultural Emergent Church," A perspective from Dr. Tom Pace, Senior Pastor of St. Luke’s UMC in Houston, Texas. 3/5/2020

"Everyone knows the narrative. Seen and unseen forces in the world are pulling us apart. Red versus blue. Conservative versus progressive. White versus black or brown. Rich versus poor. Education versus no education. Pick your faction or fraction. So how does one lead a church in this kind of culture?" READ MORE


A Response to Thomas Lambrecht’s “Primary Reasons for Separation, by Adam Hamilton, UMC Pastor and writer 02/02/2021

It’s been quite a year for all of us. COVID, protests against racial injustice, and a polarizing election. As a pastor, there seemed little time this year to focus on denominational division when we were trying to care for our members and serve our community in the midst of the crisis. READ MORE


"Primary Reasons for Separation," by Thomas Lambrecht of Good News Magazine, a magazine for conservatively minded United Methodists. 02/01/2021

As we approach a possible separation in The United Methodist Church this year, one of the important questions to answer is, “Why should we separate?” READ MORE


"Kicking Habits, Denomination Edition" by Chris Ritter, UMC Pastor and blogger on United Methodism 11/20/2020

It is not at all clear that a denomination, as we have come to think of the word, is needed or desirable. Gone are the days when denominations stood as the primary organizing unit within American Christianity. The most effective congregations, it seems, are either non-denominational or hide their affiliation twelve-clicks-deep in their website. READ MORE


VIDEO: "A Discussion about the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation" a presentation by the West Ohio Annual Conference of the UMC - 01/16/2020

Bishop Gregory V. Palmer and West Ohio pastors Rev. David Meredith, and Rev. Dr. Jeff Greenway address some frequently asked questions regarding the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace through Separation Agreement and share their prayers for the delegates of the 2020 General Conference. WATCH HERE


VIDEO:"UM News interviews protocol developers in Jan. 13 live event" A livestreamed panel discussion with members of the team that developed a new proposal for The United Methodist Church’s future. - 01/13/2020

The panelists described how they developed the Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation, a proposal that they are working to have drafted as legislation and sent to General Conference. WATCH HERE


"IN UMC SEPARATION PROTOCOL, HURT HAS GIVEN WAY TO HOPE," From UMC Next, a progressive group in the UMC.

I feel hope for the first time in a long time as we finally have a path to turn our focus away from legislation and litigation back to liturgy. READ MORE


"What I Told the Church I Serve," From Chris Ritter, a thoughtful UMC pastor and blogger on United Methodism. 01/05/2020

I thought I would share what I wrote to the congregation I am appointed to serve this past Friday night amidst the news of the separation protocol. READ MORE


"Western Jurisdiction: Where Love Lives" A FAQ statement from one of the most progressive Jursidictions in the US expressing their support of the Protocol.


"THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH I HOPE TO SERVE" by Rev Adam Hamilton UMC Pastor and author 09-18-2019

In this post I’ll not describe the broader hopes I have for the UMC—those related to mission, discipleship, evangelism, social justice, reaching new generations, and more. Instead my focus is narrower: READ MORE


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