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The Lord, God Of Our Life

"Lord of Our Life and God of Our Salvation" by Matthaeus A. von Loewenstern, 1594-1648 Translated by Philip Pusey, 1799-1855

Lord of our life and God of our salvation. Star of our night and Hope of every nation, Hear and receive Thy Church's supplication, Lord God Almighty.

Old words that come to mind freshly today.

I went home to eat lunch and while I was there I turned on the news.  I know, I know, "Don't do it you say."  "Take a nap instead."  Well I should have listened to you.  I heard the newscasters tell how once again a fix to the America's health care system is bogged down.

I'm not going to get political here...  Well maybe just enough to say: "We should have seen this coming."  No one will deliver us until we realize that we have been delivered.  No elected official can save us.  So let's not live our lives waiting for them to make it better.  The great physician - God - has already moved in our favor and God isn't finished with us yet.  God may determine, out of his sovereignty to use a bunch of politicians, I doubt it, but miracles do happen.  But God does seem to prefer to work through people who want to be used by him; most folks don't seem to be want to be used by anyone, even those who put them in office.

So for once and for all, let's stop waiting for a bunch of folks in DC to change our lives.  Let us begin to live into the life we have been given by God.  Let us live that life for his Glory as our Lord.


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