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Marry Strong - Stay Strong

Marriage is one of the most essential ingredients to the fabric of our culture, yet all we hear is how many marriages end in divorce.  So much so that many of today's young people are choosing instead to forgo marriage and simply share a home, what we used to call "shacking up".  Marriage doesn't seem to be what it used to be.

Marriage is one of the best places to grow as a disciple.  Marriage was used again and again in Scripture to be a picture of God's relationship with us his people, the church.  We experience in marriage - when it is working - love, compassion, blessing, commitment, sacrifice, and connection in ways that no other relationship in life can reveal.

Today many find themselves scared away from marriage because of their own families experiences with it.  I myself was a child of divorced parents and I swore early on that I would never put my kids through that.  But I said that before I had any idea how hard it was to hold a marriage together, let alone have one that thrives.

The simple fact is, marriages don't thrive by accident.  Marriage isn't that different from any other part of life where people are involved; it takes effort - preparation and ongoing attention.

We want to help you, no matter where you are on the relationship spectrum.  Single?  We want to help you get started right.  Married and struggling?  We want to come along side of you.  Married and happy?  We want to help you leave a legacy.

Our pastor would be glad to meet with you to get you started and can certainly work with you in your spiritual growth.  If it's determined that you need more help, we will be glad to give you referrals to area marriage counselors who are trained to help couples get back on track.  Until then, AWESOME MARRIAGE provides some fantastic resources for free to get you started as a couple.  Each group of resources has a short video and a discussion guide to lead the conversation between you and your significant other.  Follow the link below or visit their website


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