News for the week 1/28/2019

Sunday’s Message

Read or listen to the message here.This week we concluded our BEST YEAR EVER series with a challenge to let GO and allow God to lead us out to reach and lead people into a relationship with Jesus.
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Let’s pray.

Here are this week’s prayer requests.  If you are aware of an emergency prayer request, our prayer chain would love to pray with you, just contact Debbie Bergen.

Becoming a Christian is the beginning of a life long process.

Some folks think of salvation as just a singular event based on a one time decision.  It is that, but it is MUCH MORE.  We understand…READ MORE HERE

Opinions still vary on the Way Forward

If you aren’t sure what all the hubbub is about with our denominations upcoming General Conference in February, you have some catching up to do.  GET STARTED HERE.

The Connectional Conference Plan

Perhaps the most creative approach for preserving United Methodist Church unity, while also facilitating some separation for the sake of peace, is the Connectional Conference Plan (CCP). READ MORE HERE

Reversing the UMC: the Connectional Conferences Plan

This power-sucking image serves as a helpful illustration of the primary effect of the Connectional Conferences plan…READ MORE HERE

How to Pass the Connectional Conference Plan

We are less than forty days from General Conference and the Connectional Conference Plan (CCP) is receiving new attention….READ MORE HERE

This week’s goings on:

If you need directions or information about any of these events, email

– Midweek Bible Study @Rock Hall Church
700pm – Ageless Wonders Planning Meeting

630pm – Raum Chapel Choir Practice
700pm – Small Group Bible Study@The Porter’s
700pm – Women’s Small Group Bible Study @The Priddy’s

600pm – Wesley Chapel Bell Choir Practice
700pm – Praise Band Practice @Rock Hall Church
700pm – Wesley Chapel Choir Practice

Morning – Guest Preacher: Rudy Draper, Young Life Leader for Kent and QA Counties

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