A little about us...

Some of us were born here others loved it so much we moved here and now we make up the Methodist churches near you.  We all love Jesus and call Rock Hall home, and we may worship a little different, we are neighbors.

We are Methodists who hold fast to our Wesleyan roots.  This means we seek to be faithful to God’s call to holy living as we radically depend on God’s grace to get us there.

We serve one God in one community – together.  We partner to show God’s love to those in need and tell our neighbor of the hope that lives in us.


Our core values…those things we can’t live without?

We have to start with our why, Jesus.  Everything we do flows out of our relationship with Jesus and is moving us deeper in relationship with His church.   We believe we were saved to serve; blessed to be a blessing; found to seek others; healed to grow; and made to worship.

Upcoming Events


We believe you will find the messages at yourrockhall.church to be relevant and encouraging.  Our pastor and team of preachers work hard to help us apply the truths of God’s word.  These messages are usually connected across series lasting 3 to 6 weeks.  Feel free to listen or view as often as you like.  Feel free to share with friends and neighbor as well.