People matter to God, so people matter to us.


At first we simply gathered as the family of God, then through the ministry of one another, we begin to grow in our relationship with Jesus.  This gathering and growing are necessary steps to prepare us to GO in service to the church and our community.

From the beginning, God is a sending God.  Sending Noah to build the ark; sending Abram to the promised land; sending Moses to deliver his people; sending Jesus to save the world; sending the Holy Spirit to empower the church; sending the church to make disciples.

We go out, empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, to be salt and light in our community.  God leading and enabling us, we are called to be the hope of Rock Hall and the world.

The Life of a Disciple

I am connecting with Jesus and others by:

  • Attend worship celebrations regularly
  • Respond to visitor follow-up
  • Surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus and getting baptized.
  • Take part in a church event or ministry.
  • Share your visit on social media
  • “follow” us

I am pursuing a relationship with Jesus by:

  • Committing to be a faithful member of our church
  • Complete Rock Hall 101: Discovering God’s Family
  • Work through the weekly Sermon Study Guide
  • Attend a Small Group Bible Study
  • Serve with a local church ministry
  • Write out and share “Your Story” with your Small Group Bible Study

I am becoming more like Jesus by:

  • Sharing my gifts regularly, generously, proportionally, & sacrificially
  • Practicing spiritual disciplines daily (reading Scripture, prayer, fasting, journaling, etc).
  • Developing my character and calling through mentoring (Rock Hall 201: Making Followers)
  • Serving regularly in a ministry, group, or outreach.

I am Sharing Jesus by:

  • Leading or co-leading a ministry, group, or outreach
  • Maximizing my character and calling through mentoring (Rock Hall 301:Making Leaders Small Group)
  • Leading others to discover their calling