Community Crisis and Helps Ministries

Here to help our neighbors through difficult times

How we can help

We are all in this together

Rock Hall is our town too, that makes you either our neighbor, a relative, or a friend – maybe all three.  We feel we have a responsibility to help as best as we can.

We want to make a difference right here, right now.

We welcome applications for financial assistance.  Applications are reviewed by a team of volunteers before assistance is provided.  Applications can be downloaded from this webpage.

The Food Pantry is open to the community on the 3rd Saturday of the month.  Food can be picked up at the Civic Center in Rock Hall.  Contact the Charge Office for eligibility.

Wesley Chapel sponsors both AA and NA groups.

Every Friday during the school year, we deliver backpacks of food and snacks to Rock Hall Elementary School for kids to take home.  The school selects the children who might need some help at home and we gladly provide.  This is loving our neighbor anonymously.